Partnership Details:

  • The Leadership System Training is a multi-session virtual group experience best optimized for groups of 8-10 people.
  • The Visual Leader Training Program is an individual virtual experience. This enrollment benefit in the Diamond and Emerald Tiers is for 2 individuals. Enrollment can be done on a rolling basis
  • The Intentional Allyship group coaching is for up to 8 leaders at a time done virtually. Timing and schedule will be co-created by Dr. AJ and the group selected
  • How to Build a Conscientious, Inclusive Leadership Culture Workshop is a 2-hour virtual experience that can accommodate up to 100 individuals
  • The Diverse Expert Database is a growing database of entrepreneurs, consultants and freelancers who come from diverse backgrounds. It is intended to address the myth of talent shortage. The database will consist of 1-minute pitches by the experts, their areas of expertise and specialization, their geographical locations and their contact information including social media handles if they choose to disclose
  • Diamond and Emerald Tier partners may transfer their services from AJ Rao, LLC to a non-profit organization of their choice that could benefit from whole-person leadership development
  • All services have to be redeemed before September 1, 2021
  • Customized partnership packages available to meet your unique needs for equity and belongingness