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  • May 13, 2020
  • Wednesday, 12AM to 12AM

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How To: Practice Resilience to Increase Your Visibility in Your Organization

Wednesday, 12AM to 12AM
May 13, 2020


How To: Practice Resilience to Increase Your Visibility in Your Organization

Wednesday, 12AM to 12AM
May 13, 2020


Offered on May 13, 2020 at 12 pm and 8 pm EST. $10 per person

You think self-isolation created your mental wellbeing problems?

Think again!

COVID-19 or quarantine didn’t create this internal turmoil of panic,
uncertainty and chaos on it’s own…
…And I’m willing to bet you had the underlying symptoms for
quite some time before the world got turned upside down. 

We’ve all been feeling like we’re undervalued, underappreciated, and pointless for a while now. COVID-19 only brought out all these things that we swept under the rug. All the little ways in which we’ve let ourselves be painted invisible.

TRUTH: Your success depends on your resilience.
But, your mind has been programmed against it.
The good news is, you can reprogram your mind for your success!

 tap into your innate resilience and become more visible for it.

What is in it for you?

1) Understand the difference between resilience, grit and mental toughness

2) Realize your innate capacity for resilience

3) Learn how to identify the 4 different types of resilience in your life

4) Learn the benefits of practicing resilience in your job

5) Become a positive influencer in your company’s organizational culture

6) 5 actionable tips to help you practice resilience the right way – every day!

What will you get from it:

1) Confidence in your own growth and development

2) Control over your future growth and advancement trajectory in the ways you want it

3) Ideas on how to practice resilience in yourself and to model it or implement it in your workspaces

4) Techniques to lean into your resilience during times of stress and crisis

When you start practicing resilience every day, you change how your brain and mind work – literally! You become productive, engaged, and successful from the deepest parts of you. Your motivations become points of determination. Your passions become your purpose. And your intentionality amplifies the impact of your actions and changes how other people see you, hear you and value you.

This is the exact key to my success and to the success of my clients.

The process:

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• Register with your email address (we need this so we can send you the recording just in case you can’t make it, or for later access even if you do)

• Make your payment

• Wait for an email with the password protected link and other resources

• Attend the webinar. Learn. Empower Yourself. Grow.