LEGupward Inclusion Spotlight
LEGupward Inclusion Spotlight
Coach Shanita Liu: The South Asian Diaspora, Transformational Coaching, and, Inclusion

Wow! Re-listening to this chat with Coach Shanita Liu while editing it totally reinvigorated me! This episode with Coach Shanita is one of the first I ever recorded when I started the podcast, and I was supposed to release it in November, but, health and life, and tech issues, got in the way. But, now that they are fixed, I am so glad that this episode with Coach Shanita is the one that I am “relaunching” the podcast with!

In this chat, Coach Shanita and I dig deep into our experiences as South Asian women, and the stigmas, stereotypes, and resistance we face from our own community when we try to uplift, support and empower one of us. This episode empowered me to go back to the source of why I even started this podcast. It reconnected me with my core, and it was transformational. 

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Instagram: @coachshanita

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/CoachShanita/