LEGupward Inclusion Spotlight
LEGupward Inclusion Spotlight
Derrick Long: On Introversion, Coaching and Inclusion

This was such a great episode to record, and such a fun conversation to have! I shine the spotlight on Coach Derrick Long, CEO of Third and Long Coaching. Coach Long specializes in coaching introverts with their leadership skills, and their relationship skills. From his unique perspective of having one foot in corporate spaces and another in coaching spaces, Coach Long walks us through what the invisibility of an introvert is all about, and how not making introverts visible is ultimately a decision that can hurt your business and leadership badly! Definitely a must-hear episode.


For more information about Coach Derrick Long and his work with introverts, you may visit his website at: www.thirdandlongcoaching.com

Or you may connect with him on Facebook or Instagram.