LEGupward Inclusion Spotlight
LEGupward Inclusion Spotlight
How the Underdog Can Take Over the World with Christina Mendez

This was such a fun and inspiring conversation for me to have and to record for everyone. Christina Mendez, Owner and CEO of Irene-Marie Consulting, a Millenial Job Firm, is truly inspiring because she has built her life out of not traveling down the well-trodden path, and instead, blazing her own trails. You can get in touch with her here and here. 

Her website is www.irenemarieconsulting.com

You can get in touch with her on Instagram here.


**There are a few moments of technical difficulties in this episode because 1.) I was recording from the stacks of the library, which was supposed to be a quiet zone (hey! its the only spot I could find), and 2.) Christina’s busy schedule is also a star in the show as her phone went off a few times with calls and notifications. I tried to edit them out to the best of my ability, but you will find 3 moments where there might be some disturbances.