Jake Tonkel: Environmental Justice, Public Banking, and, Inclusion

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In this episode, one of the earlier ones I recorded (hence the technical quirks you may or may not notice), I had a conversation with 2019 NLC Silicon Valley Chapter Alum, Jake Tonkel, about Environmental Justice, Public Banking, and, Inclusion. We also talked about his international experiences, including 27 months in Morocco, as a PeaceCorps Volunteer. I was intrigued by the insights he gleaned from all of his international experiences — both as a volunteer and in his role in the corporate space. It is these insights and his observations of inequities and disparities when he came back home to the United States that compelled him to declare candidacy in the upcoming election for the San Jose City Council. I can definitely guarantee that this won’t be the last time that we will be hearing from Jake on this podcast. 


You can learn more about Jake Tonkel’s campaign at: http://jake4d6.com. And, you can connect with him on Facebook and Instagram.