LEGupward Inclusion Spotlight
LEGupward Inclusion Spotlight
Lelia Gowland: Negotiation Fun, Gender Equity, and, Inclusion

I am so excited to share this chat I recorded with the one and the only, Lelia Gowland, Founder and CEO of Lelia Gowland, LLC! This episode was recorded on September 25th, and I was supposed to release it on November 14th, in time for the launch of her incredible book You Got This: The Ultimate Negotiation Guide For Professional Women. But, I got slammed by life in many ways. If I had read her book earlier, I might have been able to negotiate my way out of the over-commitment in so many ways! Lol.

In this episode with Lelia Gowland, we talk about how she got started in the unique niche she created for herself, her experiences with, and opinions on current Diversity, Equity and Inclusion trends, and, what her book is all about! She also references some AMAZING people in her book. Lelia’s and all of these other references’ contact details are listed below.


Lelia Gowland: Website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

You Got This: The Ultimate Negotiation Guide for Professional Women by Lelia Gowland

Balanced Not Busy by Ciji Townsend: @balancednotbusy on instagram and www.balancednotbusy.com

Cake Plus Size Resale by Cat Polivoda: @catpolivoda on Instagram https://www.cakeplussize.com

Strengths-Based Leadership Coach, Marta Hanson: http://www.socialimpactcoaching.com/about.html

Lelia Gowland’s amazing illustrator, designer: Laura Sanders @yaylaurasanders on Instagram or https://laurajsanders.com/illustration