LEGupward Inclusion Spotlight
LEGupward Inclusion Spotlight
NLC Detroit, Detroit History, Policy, and, Inclusion

In this episode, I had the honor of talking to the New Leaders Council Detroit Chapter’s Director, DeAndree Watson about the NLC Detroit experience, his perspective and living experiences through Detroit’s history, policy analysis, and, his incredibly nuanced and interconnected perspectives on the future of Diversity and Inclusion in Detroit, and in Michigan.

My favorite parts of this episode would have to be his reponses to my questions about progressivism (in Section 1), and the place for non-Detroit native Michiganders in promoting inclusion in Detroit and all over Michigan (after the 40 minute mark). I threw him a couple of curve ball hypothetical questions that he handled with the grace and dignity of someone far beyond his young age. I must say, this episode was truly a pleasure to record and edit.

You can connect with DeAndree on:



This is also the first episode that I did all the post production editing work by myself, as I am learning the ropes. So, I would love to hear what you think of it. Please don’t forget to subscribe using the links below the media player!