LEGupward Inclusion Spotlight
LEGupward Inclusion Spotlight
Winitha Bonney on Diversity and Inclusion and Colorfull

In this episode of LEGupward Inclusion Spotlight: Making the Invisible Visible, I shine the spotlight on a mindblowing conversation with Winitha Bonney, a woman entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in innovation and the Future of Work, and, the founder of Amina of Zaria.com, a digital platform for women of color entrepreneurs.

Winitha Bonney and I have a great conversation about her experiences with diversity and inclusion as a woman of color executive, the different trajectories of diversity and inclusion in the United States, Toronto and Australia, and why she founded Amina of Zaria.com. We also talk about the importance of accurate representation of the intersectionalities of women of color, and of having executives who are informed of these intersectionalities because of their lived experiences. Finally, we talked about the very first conference in Australia aimed at Women of Color entrepreneurs, called Colourfull. In Winitha Bonney’s words, “Dare to be yourself so you can be the change you need to be… for the sake of our future generations.”


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