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Learn together to grow and amplify the impact of your group.

At AJ Rao, LLC, we offer a variety of services to organizations and groups to help you become more efficient and make more profits, while taking care of your members. Whether you are a senior-level decision maker, an employee or business resource group, or whether you just have a group of friends that you would like to learn and grow with, we have you covered.


Making business about people’s needs like it was always supposed to be.

The Visible Leader Training Program

The flagship program offered by AJ RAO, LLC, this training program is what started it all for us.
We offer this program to leaders and decision makers who want to transform their employees and teams into conscientious, compassionate, people-centered leaders across all levels.

Embrace your Cultural Identity and Power

Many members of minority groups and traditionally marginalized groups struggle with expressing their cultural identity, and leveraging their cultural strengths to belong in society. We feel like we have to keep our cultural identities, and public personas separated. But that is the not the path to our growth and development. Our contributions have the potential to be amplified many-fold when we lean into our cultural identity and harness its power for our own empowerment and the benefit of others around us. This program teaches minority group members how to leverage their cultural identities, intergenerational differences, and uniqueness.

Allies for Inclusion

Is your organization creating spaces of belongingness where future workforce generations can thrive? 10,000 “baby boomers” retire every day. By 2025, the majority of the workforce will comprise of younger generations with native digital fluency, a passion for purpose-driven work. These generations consider Diversity and Inclusion to be important factors in their decisions to contribute to any organization as employees. Are you speaking their language? Are you speaking to them? 
This program can help you do just that. Position your organization for success and thriving in the future of work.

Reclaim Your Inner Goddess

This program is specifically designed to increase and leverage the power of feminine traits in leadership. As a woman, Dr. Aparajita Jeedigunta spent many years experiencing the invisibility of her contributions, the lack of confidence, and the double standards and the microaggressions, all because of her “girly” feminine presentation and preferences. This program was made specifically to laser-target these issues and help balance the yin and yang traits, the masculine and feminine traits of leadership. These traits have nothing to do with someone’s gender expressions; rather they have to do with the balance of giving and receiving, of collaboration and competition, and of logic and emotions. Made by a woman, for those who want to balance the power of the feminine energy within themselves.

Create Your Own Script for Thriving

Does your business have a mental wellbeing program in place for all of your personnel to thrive? If not, we have your back with this program. Heavily focused on mental wellbeing, empowerment, and mindset, this program will help your employees thrive because of their unique lives, not inspite of them. And, they will thank you for this investment in their wellbeing with increased engagement, loyalty and productivity. 

Phase 1: Learn


Phase 2: Empower


Phase 3: Grow

The LEGupward™ Framework and Process

Step 1: Set the Stage

To identify individual and overall group starting points for progress benchmarks.

Step 2: Clarify

To create a strategy to successfully clarify a solid, common foundation of cohesion and belongingness.

Step 3: Make the Invisible Visible

To start the process of helping employees create and experience their own belongingness.

Step 4: Converge for Alignment

To converge employee leadership traits, skills and voices with organizational goals, culture and priorities.

Step 5: Practice and Implementation

To create actions for employees to model compassion, belongingness, and inclusion to others in the organization.

Step 6: Feedback Looping

To build natural feedback loops for continued growth after the completion of the program.

How do our Group / Corporate Programs work?

Step 1: Set up a clarity call so we can understand your vision

Step 2: Mutual non-disclosures

Step 3: Comprehensive 360 needs assessment of all personnel to be involved in the project

Step 4: Proposal submitted based on the results of the needs assessments, including timelines, deliverables, expected outcomes and costs

Step 5: Negotiations and contracts

Step 6: System set up for delivery and implementation

Step 7: Enrollment and onboarding

Upcoming Events

To amplify our services to people who need them during this time of global crisis, our team at AJ Rao, LLC is constantly creating new workshops, sip-n-learn experiences, and other live stream events that are FREE of cost to participants.

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