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The Visible Leader Training Program

AJ RAO, LLC’s original flagship program, The Visible Leader Training program supports ambitious working professionals like you with your needs. Increase your visibility with your management teams as you transform yourself into a conscientious, compassionate, people-centered leader.

Create Your Own Script for Thriving

This 8-week intensive program is intentionally designed to reprogram your mind, body and spirit from the inside out. Redesign your ideas of productivity and success to make sense to you. Shed the burden of others’ expectations, and take back your life. For you!

Reclaim Your Inner Goddess

Get in touch with the power of the feminine energy within you. As women, we have been conditioned that this energy is not a leadership skill, yet, it actually is one of the most impactful and nurturing leadership styles possible. We are all born with this power, even if it gets buried within us over the course of our lifetimes.

At AJ Rao, LLC, we are committed to supporting every person who wants to reconnect with their inner Goddess. We want you to reclaim her and unleash the power of compassion and collaboration within you.

Compassionate Entrepreneur

At AJ RAO, LLC, we do business from our heart and soul. And now, we are thrilled to offer the same as a service to others who want to do the same. If you are an entrepreneur and you want to build a successful, profitable business without using any “shark-like” techniques of pitching and selling, this is the program for you!

The longest and most in-depth program offered at AJ, Rao, LLC, the Compassionate Entrepreneur is a 12-month long developmental mastermind specifically for entrepreneurs.

Embrace Your Cultural Identity and Power

Does your business have a mental wellbeing program in place for all of your personnel to thrive? If not, we have your back with this program. Heavily focused on mental wellbeing, empowerment, and mindset, this program will help your employees thrive because of their unique lives, not inspite of them. And, they will thank you for this investment in their wellbeing with increased engagement, loyalty and productivity.

Allies for Inclusion

This program is designed for you, the future thinker who wants to help build a stronger and more inclusive society that is equitable to all of us.

What does this equity entail? How can you be an ally for someone who has different lived experiences than you without turning into their “savior”. How do you talk to others to get them to buy-in to the movement of inclusion and belongingness that our society so critically needs? We train you on all of that and more in this social psychology and community psychology focused program.

Individual Coaching

We get it. Sometimes you don’t need someone else to train you or give you the solutions. You don’t need a dedicated training program on one track. You realize that you have all the resources within you. You just don’t know how to use them effectively because you don’t have a guide. Sometimes, all you want is coaching. 

At AJ Rao, LLC, we offer individual coaching packages for you so that you can explore your life and increase your self-awareness in the areas that you want, at your own pace.

Phase 1: Learn


Phase 2: Empower


Phase 3: Grow

The LEGupward™ Framework and Process

Step 1: The Right Frameworks

To establish the right frameworks and right frame of mind to maximize transformation

Step 2: Unlearning

 To clear out all the muck that hasn’t been serving you well toward your growth

 Step 3: Reframing

 To start the process of building you authentically from the inside out.

 Step 4: Making your Invisible Visible

 To help balance all the previously hidden and ignored aspects of your unique leadership and personal sense of Self

 Step 5: Converging for Alignment

 To align and converge your inner world to your outward expression and manifestations of you as a leader.

 Step 6: Amplifying your Impact

To amplify your impact as a leader in all of your interconnected spaces, building in feedback loops to continue your growth and progress past the completion of the program.

Upcoming Events

To amplify our services to people who need them during this time of global crisis, our team at AJ Rao, LLC is constantly creating new workshops, sip-n-learn experiences, and other live stream events that are FREE of cost to participants.

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