Compassion in Action, Inward & Outward

April 22, 2020 at 8 pm ET

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What propels people to help others in times of difficulties? How can we tap into this power and harness it to develop as leaders?

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive

– Dalai Lama XIV, The Art of Happiness

 This power is the power of compassion. It is the force that empowers people to alleviate others’ suffering. Compassion is borne out of an authentic desire to help other people. It is a trait that is innately built into us. That means that most of us have the capacity for it. Yet, like any muscle in our body, it does take targeted, intentional practice for us to strengthen our compassion to the point where responding with compassion becomes an automatic, regular behavior.

The neuroscience of compassion is intricately tied to the neuroscience of resilience. In other words, the act of helping is related to the act of bouncing back from our own adversities.

Can a lack of compassion be what is holding us back from our success and evolution as a society?

Who deserves compassion first? And what is the link between compassion and mindset?

Research says that the intentional practice of self-compassion for even 4 weeks significantly improves psychological wellbeing.

Self-compassion has been shown to be an effective buffer against anxiety and negative thoughts that arise when our ego and sense of self are threatened in any way. Being compassionate has also been shown to be the foundation of overcoming fear of failure, perfection paralysis and decision paralysis when faced with too many options or opportunities. 

What are conditional acceptance and unconditional acceptance?

Unlocking the secret to how you accept – yourself or others – is the way to maximize the positive impacts of compassion in your life. 

Practicing compassion as a leader has been tied to increasing team cohesion, team performance, healthy group dynamics and inclusive organizational cultures.

Join us in this interactive sip-n-learn experience to learn how compassion can help you, your family, your network and your organization.

What’s In It For You?:

  1. Learn how tapping into our innate interconnectedness and need to belong can stave off loneliness and feelings of isolation in your team.
  2. Learn how to shift your team’s mindset so they can discover previously hidden opportunities in this new context.
  3. Unlearn a few key things about society and how people cooperate.
  4. Learn how to embrace our intersectionalities, and avoid falling prey to stereotypes that become prevalent in shallow interaction virtual environments.
  5. Learn how to align your team’s strengths to converge on and achieve team goals and objectives.
  6. Learn how to develop a strategic roadmap to maintain and then improve your team’s cohesiveness and performance.

Bring your families, both personal and professional. Attend the Sip-N-Learn together to gain insights on how to collaborate in your practice of compassion.  Sign yourself up and share with your team.

After Participating in This Sip-n-Learn, You Will Have:

  • Clarity on how compassion is different from empathy and altruism
  • A compassionate practice roadmap to increase productivity, connection and engagement in your teams and groups
  • A business case for compassionate practice in your personal life and in your organization
  • Implementable tips to practice and promote unconditional acceptance in your life, your family’s lives, and your professional lives
  • A checklist to help you spend more time in a compassionate leadership growth mindset

About the Speakers


Coach Jerry Kuykendall is a Holistic Health Practitioner, specializing in lifestyle transformations and fat loss.  He is a certified and licensed Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and is in Integrated Movement Science through the CHEK Institute.
Coach Jerry’s journey has been filled with trial and error in the realm of health and wellness.  A series of attempts to get healthy were in vain until about 5 years ago when he began to understand the root cause of his poor state of health.
Through yogic principles, he has been able to partake in the infinite game of self realization.  He truly believes that the path to true high level wellness goes through the synchronicity of spirit, mind and body.
These are the principles that seed his coaching principles.  By realizing your true nature and what it is that you were put on Earth to do, you can begin to nurture your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual bodies so that they can optimally contribute to your dream legacy.
Coach Jerry has been a passionate leader for over 20 years in retail management, successfully leading teams ranging from 2-140 people.  If done properly, a successful manager would be a coach first to all his staff.  A coach will not identify a weakness without offering and co-creating a solid plan to correct or resolve.
He loves coaching people whether they are getting paid to grow and achieve or paying for the growth and accomplishments.

Jerry Kuykendall, Holistic Fitness Coach

*I help people look great naked at any age, even if they’ve tried everything else

* Fat loss is my specialty

*Personalized lifestyle programs for physical and mental fitness

Contact: coachjerryhlc@gmail.com

My name is Dr. Aparajita (AJ) Jeedigunta, and I have been fighting to Make the Invisible Visible for better inclusion and belongingness for nearly a decade. I have given national talks on the topic, written articles, conducted trainings and seminars. I’ve, and empowered over 2,000 people to become better leaders, better understand inclusion better, and realize the interconnectedness of all our lives.

Dr. Aparajita Jeedigunta is a social-personality psychologist, a certified professional executive life coach, a published author, a podcaster, and a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor turned mental wellbeing advocate. She consults with corporate organizations to create custom-made, comprehensive solutions that help them break their silo cultures and create interconnected, inclusive organizational cultures where their talent can fully belong and thrive.

A passionate and engaging speaker, Dr. AJ brings the unique trifecta of her experience, education, and training to deliver information that empowers her listeners.