Transitioning from a Crisis:

Mind, Body, Spirit Balance

April 29, 2020 at 8 pm ET

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As we start talking about transitioning past the covid-19 quarantine, many are talking about getting back to “normal” life. But what is that?

Many of our systems and processes were broken even before this pandemic. We saw that in the extremely low levels of engagement of employees in the workforce, in the rising frequencies of mental health disorders among Millennial and Gen Z members of the population, in the ongoing obesity epidemic that claims 300,000 lives annually, and in the divisiveness created by violence against marginalized populations and much more. Things were definitely not healthy by any sense of the word. Why would we want to go back to this “normal”? Why should we? We deserve better.

All of these aspects of our lives are interconnected.

When we find out how, we can bring our lives back into balance. And, we have the opportunity to do so right now!

Our Minds, Body systems, Spirit and our Actions are all interconnected in life. 

Multi-disciplinary scientific research on the interconnectedness of our minds, bodies, spirits and actions suggests that  balancing these aspects of our lives helps us heal better and faster from negative experiences.

What is the difference between trauma and stress? Which have you experienced before and through this quaratine period?

Research in the field of trauma and stress has conclusively demonstrated that the two concepts are in fact very different and shouldn’t be used interchangeably. Trauma is life-impairing in negative ways, whereas a certain amount of the right types of stress can actually improve our productivity and functioning.

When we change our minds, we can change our brains. And when our minds are healthy, it leads to healthy body and healthy actions. In turn, healthy bodies and actions also deeply impact the health of our minds. In a nutshell, this is the key to growth.

This never-ending feedback loop is a part of our human nature, and it needs constant and consistent practice to maintain balance and counter the internal and external stressors we face in our daily lives.

How can we create systems and habits for success that keep our lives in balance moving forward?

Creating sustainable habits that align well with your life and that resonate with you is the key to making sure that all the interconnected parts of your mind, body, spirit and actions stay balanced and aligned with your goals.

Balancing your mind, body, spirit and actions has been tied to better performance, to the ability to think critically even in times of stress, and, to making better, strategic, future-oriented decisions.

Join us in this interactive sip-n-learn experience to gain actionable insights on how balancing your mind, body, spirit and actions can help you thrive in all aspects of your life. 

What’s In It For You?:

  1. Learn how our neurological processes, physical systems, nutrition, fitness and personal psyches are deeply interconnected
  2. Develop the right mindset to keep all aspects of your life in balance for your wellbeing and thriving
  3. Understand the difference between what stress and trauma are
  4. Learn how stress reactions and trauma reactions impact your mind, body and spirit differently
  5. Get a roadmap to create sustainable systems of success for your future

Bring your families, both personal and professional. Attend the Sip-N-Learn together to gain insights on how to co-create interconnected lives of balance, wellbeing and productivity for the future.

After Participating in This Sip-n-Learn, You Will Have:

  • A deeper understanding of how our neuroscience, nutrition, and fitness affect our attitudes, thoughts, behaviors and habits
  • Implementable daily practices for your to keep your mindset and positive outlook in balance
  • Tips and insights to help you respond to upcoming stressors in your life
  • A roadmap of how to create systems for success that keep your life in balance
  • Implementable daily practices to keep your mind, body, spirit and actions balanced and aligned with your continued growth and development

About the Speakers


Sloka Iyengar, PhD, PMD

Neuroscientist and Dancer

Sloka Iyengar PhD, PMP is a neuroscientist passionate about using her science and dance training for public good. Born and raised in Ahmedabad, India, Sloka worked at a shelter for stray animals after her undergraduate studies in pharmacy. For her academic work, Sloka focused on understanding how neuronal circuits generate and sustain epileptic seizures. In the recent past, Sloka has worked in the private sector and with non-for-profit organizations to broaden her scientific and science communication skills. 

Sloka is also a professional dancer and performer of the 2000-year-old classical Indian dance form known as Bharatanatyam. She teaches dance and has started a program to bring dance to residents of New York City nursing homes. 


Coach Jerry Kuykendall is a Holistic Health Practitioner, specializing in lifestyle transformations and fat loss.  He is a certified and licensed Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and is in Integrated Movement Science through the CHEK Institute.
Coach Jerry’s journey has been filled with trial and error in the realm of health and wellness.  A series of attempts to get healthy were in vain until about 5 years ago when he began to understand the root cause of his poor state of health.
Through yogic principles, he has been able to partake in the infinite game of self realization.  He truly believes that the path to true high level wellness goes through the synchronicity of spirit, mind and body.
These are the principles that seed his coaching principles.  By realizing your true nature and what it is that you were put on Earth to do, you can begin to nurture your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual bodies so that they can optimally contribute to your dream legacy.
Coach Jerry has been a passionate leader for over 20 years in retail management, successfully leading teams ranging from 2-140 people.  If done properly, a successful manager would be a coach first to all his staff.  A coach will not identify a weakness without offering and co-creating a solid plan to correct or resolve.
He loves coaching people whether they are getting paid to grow and achieve or paying for the growth and accomplishments.

Jerry Kuykendall, Holistic Fitness Coach

*I help people look great naked at any age, even if they’ve tried everything else

* Fat loss is my specialty

*Personalized lifestyle programs for physical and mental fitness

Contact: coachjerryhlc@gmail.com

Aparajita Jeedigunta, PhD, CPEC

I help ambitious working professionals increase their visibility and support their needs as they transform into conscientious, compassionate, people-centered leaders.

I also help organizations increase their cost-savings and profit margins by creating inclusive cultures through strategic talent development.

Dr. Aparajita Jeedigunta is a social-personality psychologist, a certified professional executive life coach, a published author, a podcaster, and a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor turned mental wellbeing advocate. She consults with corporate organizations to create custom-made, comprehensive solutions that help them break their silo cultures and create interconnected, inclusive organizational cultures where their talent can fully belong and thrive.

A passionate and engaging speaker, Dr. AJ brings the unique trifecta of her experience, education, and training to deliver information that empowers her listeners.