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profit margins


At AJ RAO, LLC, we work with human nature, not against it.
We empower our clients to break free of outdated teachings.
We put you in control of your future.
It is the LEGupward™ process to a sustainable, profitable future for all of us.

We’re living in interesting times right now.


Personal wellbeing got rendered invisible for profit margins.


Employees have become replaceable, invisible, cookie-cutter parts of the big business machine.


We operate in partitioned silos of disconnect and separation.


People are marginalized, disengaged, undervalued, unappreciated, and led by fear.

At AJ RAO, LLC we believe that by injecting compassion, authentic inclusion,
and a focus on
mental wellbeing and empowerment back into our lives, groups, and businesses,


We’ve been headed down a seemingly invisible path of destruction and division for many years now, but we are finally waking up and noticing it…

Yet, even though all the unusual happenings, many of us seem to be unable to break free from the scripts that have long been proven to not work well for us to thrive.

Can we change course and build a better, stronger, more inclusive and more profitable society for all of us?



That’s when my world came crashing down around me, because of a severe car accident.

Life didn’t make sense anymore, but everyone expected me to “bounce back to normal”.

And I did. Bounce back, I mean. Just not to someone else’s idea of “normal”. Instead, I evolved and became myself. What followed is what I call the most incredible time of my life — one of self discovery, thriving, belongingness , and success beyond my wildest dreams!

The LEGupward™ Framework shifts the paradigm with a focus on:


So we can shed outdated systems that don’t work well with our modern workforce principles

Developing Compassionate,
People-Centered Leaders

So we can build collaboration and cohesion in our groups instead of divisive competition

Creating Belongingness

So we can be intentional about our strategic efforts across all levels of an organization and society, for better inclusion


Individual Services

For those who want to take control of their own growth and success trajectories.

Group Services

For decision makers who want to support their teams’ and employees’ growth and development.

Consulting Services

Custom tailored solutions to meet your unique individual and organizational needs.


Resources for individuals and groups on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Cultural Competence and Leadership.

Upcoming Events

To amplify our services to people who need them during this time of global crisis, our team at AJ Rao, LLC is constantly creating new workshops, sip-n-learn experiences, and other live stream events that are FREE of cost to participants.

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