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Warrior Shakti Program

Are you a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor between the ages of 25 and 45?

What has your injury taken away from you so far? And, how much longer are you going to wait to take your rebuilding and recovery into your control?

Because many parts of you rebuilding your Self to be a Warrior and a Voice of Hope, are up to you! (No doctor ever told me that; imagine my shock when I realized that to be the truth!!!)

When I was brought back to consciousness from my Traumatic Brain Injury in 2012, I didn’t know my own name or who my parents were. And, I was on grad student insurance, which meant that once they stabilized my vitals, they sent me home with ZERO recovery and rehabilitation plans.

In a singular moment, I lost my life, my identity and every dream I had envisioned up to that point. I bemoaned my fate and everything I lost for many years. I felt broken, unemployable, hopeless. I was in massive amounts of debt because I wasn’t working. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with life, or who I even was anymore. I joined a countless number of social media support groups and saw very few people like me. I saw no one who would understand the reality of my lived experiences in society as a BIPOC Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor. I was lost. Does this sound familiar?

Then, I had a massive paradigm shift. I realized that I could sit there and continue to lament my fate, or, I could rebuild my life and identity in my own way, without anyone else’s expectations burdening me, and take control of my future and my destiny. After all, as a survivor, I beat the odds already!

So, that’s exactly what I did. And, the whole world around me changed when my perspective shifted. I went from being a passive Survivor to being a pro-active award-winning Traumatic Brain Injury Warrior who exponentially increased her presence, income and impact on the world.

And then, I wanted to do more. I wanted to help YOU achieve what you deserve as well. This is why I created the Warrior Shakti program for you!

Shakti is not just about your energy or your passion

Shakti: an ancient Sanskrit word that means your Inner Fire or the Core of Your Consciousness and Power.

After all, what can you do with limitless energy or passion if you don’t convert your energy into your power and use it to intentionally, efficiently and effectively to reach your desired outcomes?

The great news is that you have access to this Inner Fire.

But, your Inner Fire has gotten lost amidst all the noise with which you are constantly bombarded, the traumas you’ve been dealt that you buried deep inside, and all of the negative conditioning and self-talk you subject yourself to.

The only possible result of that? We stick to the “best practices” given to us by others without paying attention to how our dreams, aspirations, emotions and knowledge all align.

This program is not about:


  • providing or advising on medical diagnoses. You will need to talk to your physicians or a licensed medical professional for that. 
  • therapy. Coaching is not therapy. We don’t do therapy.
  • telling you to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Frankly, we think that’s insulting language to anyone who has ever been marginalized in society.

The SHAKTI Promise to YOU (Our Deliverables):


  • we promise you will breathe easier with an affordable, no-brainer way for you to invest in yourself without going into debt
  • we promise to provide you accessible coaching no matter how your revenue fluctuates to get you the support you need
  • we promise to help you rediscover yourself and build the new YOU with our weekly prompts and group coaching calls
  • we promise to help you align your your new life and identity with your personal development and growth
  • we promise that the weekly articles will be focused on personal development and post-TBI possibilities so you can learn from them
  • we promise to build you to increase your leadership presence, visibility, exposure and impact

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